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Original Quilted Air Bath Bed
Original Quilted Air Bath Bed
Original Quilted Air Bath Bed
Original Quilted Air Bath Bed
Original Quilted Air Bath Bed
Original Quilted Air Bath Bed
Original Quilted Air Bath Bed

Original Quilted Air Bath Bed

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Don’t let the discomfort of your hard bathtub cut your relaxing bath time short.

The Bath Haven Luxury Bath Cushion is a premium full body, spa-inspired bath bed. Our bathtub cushion provides complete comfort by transforming your hard tub into a gentle bath by creating a soft pillow of air between you and the tub.

Our premium full body bathtub lounger supports your head, back, neck, and tailbone, so you can enjoy your bath in complete bliss.

Relaxation time is limited and should be enjoyed to the fullest. Get your Bath Haven Luxury Bath Cushion today and add it to your at home spa kit.

Pamper yourself. You deserve it.

Bath Haven Luxury Bath Cushion Features

  • Unrivaled Design: Standard full body bathtub cushions are typically foam encased in plastic which easily tear and become waterlogged. The Bath Haven Luxury Bath Cushion is designed with Quilted 3D Air Mesh technology to provide superior comfort and is puncture resistant.
  • 3D Air Mesh Technology: The air mesh technology combines a silky soft top and bottom layer by quilting them together with vertical fibers creating a unique middle hollow air core which allows air and water to circulate through.
  • Hygienic-Machine Washable: Easily include your bath bed with your bulky, machine washable items. The included wash bag also keeps the suction cups from sticking to the side of your washing machine.
  • Anti-mildew & Quick Dry: The unique 3D air mesh core is extremely breathable which allows moisture to quickly evaporate.
  • 10 Extra Strength Suction Cups: The suctions cups are strategically placed to keep your bath lounger firmly in place regardless of your bathtub’s shape.
  • Easy Storage: Simply roll-up the bath bed and slip it into the included travel bag.
  • Free Shipping: Enjoy free shipping on orders above $30.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee: if for any reason you are not satisfied, contact us and we will refund your money.

bath cushion full body orthopedic shape


bath cushion anti microbial


bath cushion 11 extra strength suction cups


bath cushion bath pillow


bath cushion ultra soft


bath cushion fits any tub

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The Bath Haven Luxury Bath Cushion is the best full body bathtub lounger you can buy to transform you bathroom into your own personal spa.

And, it’s the just the right gift for friends and family who want a home spa experience.

Give the gift of relaxation!

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