Your At Home Spa Holiday Gift Basket Guide For 2021!

Nothing beats being pampered and relaxed as tension melts away from your body. Bathing with a nice bath pillow and wonderful smells does miracles. Spa treatments are fantastic, especially as a present, but the effects only last as long as it takes you to get in your car and drive home.

Instead of a gift card to some pricey relaxation salon this holiday season, make a spa gift basket that will have your friends and relatives sighing in satisfaction. An at-home spa gift basket is precisely what you need to melt the tension of the holidays away.

beautiful young woman having an at-home spa day applying facial mask

How much does a spa day cost?

Why would you want to create an experience at home? Gift cards come with the added burden of needing to book an appointment for your spa treatments, travel all the way to the locations, wait for your services, and then drive home.

Aside from the cost of travel and appointments, spa treatments are too costly! Even purchasing gift cards for famous establishments may range from $100 to over $1,000 for packages. That doesn't leave much room in the budget for other relatives and friends to be treated the same way!

Get rid of the added burden of appointments and driving by providing your friends and family with treatments they can use at home. Allow them to unwind in the privacy of their own bathrooms while still feeling fantastic when they leave the bathroom, and still have enough product to return to ecstasy.

How do you have a spa day at home?

So, getting a spa treatment at home is doable, but how do you go about it? Simply look up your preferred spa and check what is included in the package you want to gift. Some spa treatments, for example, include a meal; for the spa gift basket, include a gift card to their favorite restaurant with enough money to cover delivery.

How about the timing? You can seek the help of friends or use love coupons to schedule a time for the individual to engage in relaxation. Providing daycare for an afternoon, enlisting the assistance of a significant other to perform duties, and allowing sufficient time alone in the bath are all wonderful ways to start an amazing at-home spa day, especially for parents.

Allow time for your recipient to use the goods in the basket once the timing and location are ideal. Give them an array of products meant to make them more comfortable, such as a bath cushion to help cushion the tub's hard and cold surface.

a spa gift basket holding spa gifts on display with candles in background

How do you make a spa gift basket?

Shopping for the spa gift basket should be easy, once you decide the experiences that you'd like to include. You can add in products like:

  • Candles or infusers- to set the mood and make the bathroom smell heavenly
  • Bath oils, bombs, or bubbles- for the soothing skin treatments
  • Bath pillow for relaxing the head back comfortably
  • Elbow cushions for resting arms without touching the tub
  • Luxury Bathbed for the comfort of the tush in the tub
  • Bath gloves to scrub the body
  • Bath cream or soap
  • Cooling eye mask to reduce swelling around the eyes
  • New bathrobe and towel set- for the soft cover-up after bath
  • Hydrating facial mask
  • Facial cleansing mask to soothe and pamper the face
  • Gua sha stone and jade roller set

You can also include items to be used before or after a relaxing bath time like:

  • Scented massage oils and lotions
  • Massage tools
  • Manicure and pedicure sets
  • Aloe infused socks
  • New movie
  • Gift card for a meal
  • Soda, snack, or chocolates
  • Music

The best part about creating a custom spa gift basket is being able to make the gift fit the person's needs and personality. Scents, allergies, and colors can be accounted for and adjusted as needed. Small spa gift baskets may focus on one area like the face or hands, allowing for spot spa treatments on their own time.

Man care accessory gifts for shaving and grooming on a white background

What can I put in a pamper hamper for him?

These spa basket ideas sound especially wonderful but may be geared toward the more feminine individuals in your life. What about those masculine figures, or those that just don't do the whole smell and soak scene? Here is a list of items that might work for the baskets (or buckets) for the pamper hamper:

  • Mustache and beard wax, gel, or color for those that keep facial hair
  • Hair trimmers for beards and mustache
  • Manicure sets (everyone needs to trim their nails!)
  • Soaps and lotions geared toward men- wooded scents, outdoor gear for hunting
  • Liquor sets
  • New bathrobe and towels with a favorite color or geared toward hunting/ fishing/ outdoors
  • Hard sole slippers (for those moments when they forgot something outside after dark)

Hunters have their own brands of soaps and lotions that reduce the smell that a human gives off, so they aren't as easily detected while hunting. If you're looking for something funny, include custom toilet paper, funny coffee mugs (with coffee to brew), and useful tools that have a funny spin on the design.

Fish-shaped (not smell!) soap, deer-shaped bathroom accessories, and other forest-related items usually go over well. If your gentleman isn't into the outdoors games, think about video games or favorite TV shows that produce funny bath-related items. Comical items tend to go over well with dads!

No matter what your gentleman is into, he can still enjoy a relaxing bath or shower, lotion on his feet and hands, and a clean shave or trim. Send him out into the world smelling awesome and looking good with the products from his pamper hamper!

stressed mom on couch with children running around in background

Spa Gift Ideas For the Stressed Parent

There is no doubt parenting is a full-time job. Is there ever any time to actually use the gifts in a gift basket or does it sit there and taunt you all year? There needs to be a solution included when gifting tired and overworked parents at-home spa gift baskets.

Group Time Baskets

  • One solution is to make a group basket. Provide enough products to throw a spa party with their new robes and slippers, hair tied up in new headbands, facials, manicures and pedicures, snacks, and movies. Time together having fun and applying products can be as relaxing as time spent alone.

Provide the Time

  • Parents that desire alone time usually have to rely on the other parent or family to find any. For these parents, it may be possible to include a date card: a time when you volunteer to watch the kids so that they can use the at-home spa treatments that are provided.

Easy Relaxation Kits

  • If it is not possible to include some time to take the kids, adjust the basket. Most parents don't have time to take a long bath, except in the middle of the night when they should really be asleep. Place some shower-activated essential oil scents in the basket for the small everyday burst of stress-relieving smells.

Final Thoughts

Creating a spa gift basket for an at-home spa treatment is one of the best ideas for this holiday season. Don't forget to include comfort items like bath pillows and bath cushions to help prolong the soak in hot water. Bath Haven has the perfect bath comfort items for your spa gift baskets that can help melt away the stress. Don't forget to grab yourself some as well!


Contributing Writer: Tammy Jeannice