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Step into a blissful spa experience and relax like no other with our pillows, cushions and bath beds, or completely change your little ones bath experience.

The word comfort has a new meaning with Bath Haven. Whether you bathe to de-stress, relieve pain, relax or clean the day’s shenanigans off your little ones, your knees, back and neck will thank you.

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At Bath Haven we design, innovate, and manufacture bath accessories that enhance bathing comfort and safety


Quality pillow

This is a high quality bath pillow. I love the comfort it provides and that it stays in place with the strong suction cups. I also really like that it comes with a washing bag so it will be easy to keep it clean. I’ve purchased many cheap bath pillows over the years and they don’t last. I’m happy I chose to spend a little extra on this one for quality.

Katie W.

Really comfortable

I have never used a bath pillow before. This one felt very high quality. It sticks and stays in place, easy to adjust when needed. Very easy to clean and it doesn’t smell bad. I would definitely use it every time I have a bath.

Ana M.

Wonder Bath Pillow

This bath pillow is exactly what I was looking for to complete my relaxing bath time. I wet the suction cups before attaching it to my tub and it adheres beautifully, with no slippage at all. I love the bag that came with it to protect it in the washing machine. I highly recommend this product.

Diane M.

Great, clean and comfy

Smaller than we envisioned but they're great! We bought two as we can share the bath!

Bruce R.